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Castillos Roofing is dedicated to helping the homes of Rockland County , stay safe and secure. We love what we do, specializing in roof repair, roof replacements, and all things roof-related. Our customers depend on us to deliver strong, reliable roofs for them, and we’re also quick to act whenever a storm hits and damages your roof.

Welcome to Castillo's Roofing. We are here to serve you at any time. We remove your old roof and install a new one with professional and trained team We are a growing and progressing company in Rockland, New York area. we do commercial and residential roofing. We work every day of the year We promise safe, professional and clean work. At the end of each project we will give you a report on the removal, installation and cleaning process of the work. That way we will show you how the work was carried out in a timely and effective manner.

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